Sat, Jul 2nd
Strength Endurance
Katie E.
LB Standard - Jul 2nd, 2022
  • Sled/Tire
  • Field
Today's WOD mixes a heavy Pull or Drag element with medium/high effort Run supported by a walking recovery. Consistency is key.
3-5 Sets
For Distance
2 min Pull/Drag
5 min @ Fast/Mod Pace (8:48/mi)
2 min Walking Recovery
Workout Description: Pull or Drag a tire, sled, or other object for 2 minutes, Run 5 minutes, Walk 2 minutes. Repeat.
Record Instruction: Record total distance traveled. In your notes, record your total Sets and any qualitative feedback.
Specialization Path
Choose which you'd prefer to improve most. We'll test your proficiency and adjust when needed.
Bucket Endurance
  • Barbell/Dumbells, Bucket

Choose a weight that you can do for all 4 barbell movements. Do all lifts consecutively with no rest, then move right into the carry.

3-7 Sets
For Distance
Deadlift x5
High Pull x5
Bent Over Row x5
Push Press x5
Carry to Exhaustion
Workout Description: Perform 5 Deadlifts, 5 High Pulls, 5 Bent Over Rows, 5 Push Presses, then a max distance Bucket Carry. Do not rest between movements. Rest 3 minutes between Sets. Repeat for 3-7 Sets.