Weeks 4 & 7
Mount Majestic
Strength Endurance
  • Sandbag(s), Bucket, Farmers Carry
  • Steep Hill

Today we grind, plain and simple. Uphill and downhill, both solo and with heavy objects. Get some!

Choose the Treadmill option if you do not have access to a suitable hill. If your Treadmill in not an Incline Trainer, complete all uphill reps @ 15% incline. 

For Rounds
90 min Total Time of AMRAP
5 min of Steep Hill Reps
5 min of Steep Heavy Carry Reps
5 min of Steep Hill Reps
5 min @ Moderate Pace (:56/mi)
Workout Description:

Run/Hike up and down a Steep Hill for 5 min. Perform 5 min of a Heavy Carry up and down a Steep Hill for 5 min. Run/Hike up and down a Steep Hill for 5 min. Run flat at Moderate pace for 5 min. That is one round

Repeat that round until the prescribed duration is complete.

Switch your Heavy Carry object each round. 

Result Instruction: Record Total Rounds. In the notes, record info on what body parts felt the weakest/most fatigued + any qualitative feedback.
Weeks 2 & 6
Anaerobic Capacity
  • Hill

This WOD develops the power, stamina, and technique necessary to run hard down every single hill in a race.

For Distance
Run 80 min
  • Run Easy up 'Side A'
  • Run Hard down 'Side B'
  • Run Easy up 'Side B'
  • Run Hard down 'Side A'
  • Repeat until time is up
Workout Description:

Run Easy up one side of the hill. Run Hard down the opposite side. Run back up that side Easy and back down the original side Hard. Repeat for the duration of the workout.

Result Instruction: Record Distance, as well as total time and feet gained in your notes.
(Path BM Test) - Weeks 1 & 8
The Grind
Strength Endurance
  • Treadmill

"The Grind" is just that, a GRIND. It isn't sexy. It isn't fast. It isn't even particularly fun. But, it is effective. One of the greatest skills you can have in OCR is the ability to grind. Once the race settles in, after the first 800m or so, it becomes a contest of who can keep a high work rate for the longest time, often switching back and forth between different types o ...
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For Rounds
  • 90 seconds @15% incline with a speed of:
    • Pro Level: 6.5 mph (5.5 mph for women)
    • Elite Level: 6.0 mph (5.1 mph for women)
    • Age Group Level: 5.0 mph (4.25 women)
    • Open Level: 4.0 mph (3.4 women)
  • 7 burpees (must be completed and back on the treadmill within 30 seconds)
  • Every 5 rounds you earn a 60 sec rest
Workout Rest: 60 sec every 5th round (complete your burpees then add an extra 60 sec of rest)
Workout Description:

Run 90 sec at your chosen pace. Jump off, complete 7 burpees and be back on within 30 sec. Continue that pattern, with an extra 60 sec rest every 5th round.


If you are caught in between paces, you may adjust your pace by 0.5mph.

Ex: 4.0 is too slow but 5.0 is too fast, choose 4.5 mph.

Result Instruction: Record total rounds