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Strongman + Speed
Strength Endurance
  • Sled, Rope, Sandbag/Stone, KB
Today's WOD is all about functional strength! These days are meant to raise your overall power output as well as your ability to sustain high efforts.

We start with Sled Pushes, Rope Climbs, and heavy Ground to Shoulder ("G2S") work. If limited access this equipment, you may sub Weight Lunges, Towel Pullups, and Power Cleans, respectively.

We finish ou ...
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For Completion

Workout #1


  • 100' Sled Push x4 (100' Weighted Lunges as sub)
  • 4x 60 sec Max Effort Rope Climbs (Towel Pullups as sub)
  • 3x 60 sec Max Effort Ground to Shoulder Sandbag or Stone (150#/100#) (Power Cleans as sub)
For Time

KB + Burpees

  • 21/15/9 KB Swings (70#/50#) + Burpees
For Distance

Workout #2


  • 10 min Easy Run
  • 60 sec Hard + 60 sec Easy x10
  • 10 min Easy run
Workout Rest: 2 min rest in between every Set.
Workout Description:

For all movements, choose a weight that challenges you but allows you to complete each Set and Rep scheme. Our goal is to progress you to the Rx'd weights.

Result Instruction: Record your Heaviest Weight used for the Sled Push. Record Total Reps for the Rope Climbs and G2S. Record Total Time for the KB + Burpee WOD. Record Total Distance covered during the 60/60 intervals.
Weeks 8 - 11
Bulletproof 120
Anaerobic Capacity
As the name suggests, this workout will bulletproof you. This run does it all. It builds your endurance. It builds your stamina. It builds your ability to work hard in the middle of a long effort. It builds your ability to recover while running. It builds your ability to finish fast at the end of a long race.

By the time you finish the next 4 week progression of th ...
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For Distance

120 min Run

Minute 1-29

  • Easy/Steady Effort

Minute 30-60

  • 1 mile @ Race Effort
  • 1 mile Easy

Min 61-120

  • Easy/Steady Effort for all but the last mile
  • Finish the last mile HARD!
Workout Description:

For the "Hard" sections, run the effort you plan to keep during your next OCR race.

Result Instruction: Record your Total Distance. In the notes, record the split for your final mile.
(Path BM Test) - Weeks 1, 7, & 13
Time Trial
Anaerobic Capacity
  • Anywhere flat (you will retest in the same location)

This Time Trial is designed to test your overall aerobic capacity. Your score, of total distance, represents your aptitude for Middle and Long Distance OCR races. Throughout your training we will retest to constantly reassess your progress.

1 Set
For Distance

30 min Time Trial

  • Cover as much distance as you can in 30 min
Result Instruction: Enter your Total Distance for the Time Trial. Share your individual mile splits in the notes, as well as thoughts on your effort and pacing.