Weeks 2 & 5
Anaerobic Capacity
  • Hill

This WOD develops the power and stamina necessary to run hard up every single hill in a race.

For Distance
Run 90 min
  • Run Hard up 'Side A'
  • Run Easy down 'Side B'
  • Run Hard up 'Side B'
  • Run Easy down 'Side A'
  • Repeat until time is up
Workout Description:

Run Hard up one side of the hill. Run down the opposite side Easy as recovery. Run back up that side Hard and back down the original side Easy. Repeat for the duration of the workout.

Result Instruction: Record Distance, as well as total time and feet gained in your notes.
Weeks 3 & 6
Climbing Intervals
Anaerobic Capacity
  • Hill

This workout primarily builds two skills: Climbing Speed and Climbing Power. Your goal is to work at near maximal effort for each interval. This will engage a higher percentage of muscle fibers, which will allow for the most GAINZ.

This WOD requires a hill with an incline of 25% or higher. Choose your steepest, longest hill. 

Until Pace Breaks
  • Run to the top of the hill Hard
  • Slow jog / walk back down  
  • Repeat until you cannot finish within 10% of your original time, or your form starts to break down; whichever comes first
Workout Description:

Run to the top of your biggest hill at a Hard effort, and mark your time. Walk or slowly jog back down for Recovery. That is one round. Repeat that round until you cannot finish within 10% of your original time, or until your form starts to break down; whichever comes first.

Ex: First hill rep = 60 sec. Workout ends when a rep takes you longer than 66 sec (or form breaks down).

Result Instruction: Record Total Rounds. In the notes, include any qualitative feedback, as well as total feet gained
(Path BM Test) - Weeks 1 & 8
Max Gayne
Aerobic Capacity
  • Treadmill
This is a test of Aerobic Capacity and Grit. The ability to keep yourself from quitting or backing away from the flame during this test will be just as important as your fitness level. Get tough!
For Distance

Max Gayne

  • Maximum elevation gain in 60 min

You may adjust the speed and incline as often as you want. You may get off the treadmill if needed, but you must pause the treadmill and keep your timer running! No holding onto the bars.

Result Instruction: Record total distance, in terms of Feet Gained. Take your total feet gained and divide that number by 5,280 to get your "Total Distance". Round up to the nearest hundredth (0.568 = 0.57)