Weeks 3 & 6
1-2-3 Fartlek
Anaerobic Capacity

Today we practice switching gears throughout a race as well as recovering from a fast effort while running. When the time to surge arrives during a race, you will be ready!

Until Pace Breaks
1 min @ Fast Pace (:50/mi)
1 min @ Easy Pace (1:03/mi)
2 min @ Fast Pace (:50/mi)
2 min @ Easy Pace (1:03/mi)
3 min @ Fast Pace (:50/mi)
3 min @ Easy Pace (1:03/mi)
Workout Description:

Run Hard for 1 min, then Easy for 1 min. Hard for 2 min, then easy for 2 min. Hard for 3 min, then Easy for 3 min.  The, start back over at 1 min. Repeat that pattern until you cannot keep your prescribed pace any longer (1-1, 2-2, 3-3. 1-1, 2-2, 3-3. 1-1, 2-2, etc).

Result Instruction: Record Total Distance. In the notes, record Total Rounds and any qualitative feedback.
Weeks 2 & 5
Tempo 20 + 30/30
Anaerobic Capacity

Today’s workout begins with a Tempo run then progresses into some speed work.  We will improve our ability to run fast after our legs have fatigued.

Your 30/30 intervals are done when you can no longer recover enough during the rest period to complete your next 30 seconds at your goal pace. 

1 Set
For Time
20 min @ Fast/Mod Pace (:53/mi)
Until Pace Breaks
30 sec @ Very Fast Pace (6:00/mi)
30 sec Walk Recovery
Workout Description:

Run 20 min at Moderate/Fast. Rest 5 min. Run 30 sec Very Fast with 30 sec Walk Recovery; repeat until pace breaks.

Result Instruction: Record your splits for the Tempo and record the Rounds for the 30/30.
(Path BM Test) - Weeks 1 & 8
Mile Benchmark
  • Track

The Mile Benchmark is designed to test your speed and aerobic capacity. Your score, of total time, represents your general aerobic capacity at short to middle distances. Throughout your training we will retest to constantly reassess your progress.

This Benchmark Workout is an all out effort, 1600 kilometer (1 mile) run. For measurement and consistency we strongly sugge ...
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1 Set
For Time

Run 1 Mile @ Maximum Effort

  • 4 laps on 400m Track

Result Instruction: Enter total time for your Mile Benchmark score. Share your 400m Split times in the notes. Good luck!