Commonly Seen WOD
Kenyan Run
Aerobic Capacity
  • Trail/Flats (Preferred)

A different take on a progression run, this workout is a popular practice in the Kenyan running community. It builds sustained effort without overworking your body with an all-out maximum effort from the very start. The start of this run is meant to loosen up your joints and tissues as dynamic warm up, without taxing your aerobic and anaerobic systems. You’ll grad ...
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For Distance
60 min @ progressively increasing pace
Workout Description:

Run the first 10 - 15 minutes (or more) very slowly. After your 2nd mile, progressively pick up your pace each mile. Do your best to smoothly increase your pace, making no rapid increases. On your last mile, move nearly as fast as you can sustain.

Sample Run for an 20:00 5k Runner: Miles 1 - 3: 8:10 pace, Mile 4: 7:50, Mile 5: 7:39, Mile 6: 7:29, Mile 7: 7:18, Mile 8: 7:08, Mile 9: 6:55

Result Instruction: Record Total Distance. In the notes, share your splits for each mile and any qualitative feedback you have.
Commonly Seen WOD
Tempo 20 + OCR Speed
Anaerobic Capacity

We want to get a good workout in without fatiguing our body too much. The Tempo run will leave you feeling invigorated, while the OCR Speed will help your transitions during a race.

1 Set
For Distance
20 min @ Fast/Mod Pace (:53/mi)

Walk 5 minutes for Recovery

4 Sets
For Time
100m @ Fast Pace (:03/100m)
40m Lunges
100m @ Fast Pace (:03/100m)
40m Bear Crawl
2 min Recovery Walk
Workout Description:

Run 20 min at Moderate/Fast. Rest 5 min. Run 4x (100m run, 40m Lunge, 100m run, 40m Bear Crawl) with 2 min walk recovery after each round.

Result Instruction: Record Total Distance for the Tempo. In your notes, record splits for each mile of the Tempo Run + Time for each round of OCR Speed.
Tested Periodically
Carry Benchmark
  • Bucket, 2 Sandbags, Farmers Carry
  • Track

The Carry Benchmark is designed to test your overall capacity to carry load.  Your score, of total distance, represents your general proficiency with OCR carries.  Throughout your training we will retest to constantly reassess your progress.

This Benchmark Workout consists of 3 separate carries, with equal work to rest between movements.  For each moveme ...
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1 Set
For Distance
  • 5 min Bucket Carry (M 70# / F 50#)
    • Rest 5 minutes
  • 4 min Double Sandbag Carry (40# / 30# ea.)
    • Rest 4 minutes
  • 3 min Farmer's Carry (45# / 35# ea.)
Result Instruction: Total your distances for your Carry Benchmark score. Share your individual carry distances in the notes. Good luck!