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Importance of the Training Community: Join Our Team Chat
Taylor McClenny  |  01/04/2018

LeaderBoard Community

With a quickly growing community we’re publishing a few articles to inform all Athletes of general community and training guidelines.  Our goal is to share the most important information in the most succinct form.  Please read each article in full.

Importance of the Training Community

Training and performance improvement is about more than just your daily prescribed programming.  Significant health, fitness, and performance advancements come from an effective training program, properly understood and executed, with long term consistency.  A positive, informative training community has been shown again and again to increase the effectiveness of any training program.

For this we have a Team Chat platform - Slack.  Slack allows our training community to share their questions, feedback, struggles, and triumphs.  Via Slack you can post a general message to all of your fellow Athletes and Coaches, you may ask a specific question in a domain-specific chat channel, or you may message your fellow Athletes and Coaches directly.

Slack is very easy to use.  Upon joining, you will likely feel familiar with how to use it in 5-15 minutes.

Team Chat - Posting & Effective Communication

To best utilize our Team Chat follow these guidelines:

  • Post in the most specific “channel” that you can.  A “channel” is message board with specific purpose.  Channels range from very broad (#team-leaderboard) to very specific (#bwr).  If your comment or question is specific, choose the channel that is equally specific.

  • Be prepared - View your WODs ahead of time and post your questions before you’re headed to the gym.  If you ask for details specific to your WOD while on your way to the gym, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a response in time.

  • Details specific to a WOD are best asked via WOD Discussions.  We have ~1,000 different WODs and we personalize the majority of those WODs to each Athlete.  This creates hundreds of thousands to millions of different potential WOD prescriptions.  Posting a WOD specific question on the WOD’s Discussion provides your Coaches and fellow Athletes the proper context to answer your question.

*WOD Discussions are currently being rolled out on Paths and WODs.

Coach Chat Priority - Pro v. Standard

We encourage every Athlete to join our Team Chat and actively participate in the Community.  Again, anecdotal and research evidence shows those who actively contribute to a training community have much higher chances of long term success.

LeaderBoard Pro Athletes have a higher demand for personalization and Coach-Athlete feedback.  LB Pro Athletes receive further personalized training programs, 6 Pro Chats with their Coach each year, and consistent, direct communication via our Team Chat.  As an LB Pro Athlete you should expect feedback on any direct message to your Coaches within 24 hours on weekdays.

LeaderBoard Standard Athletes should first utilize individual Slack channels when posting specific questions.  At any given time there are many LB Athletes and Coaches on Slack.  When posting in a specific channel you greatly increase the amount of knowledgeable eyeballs that will see and respond to your post.  You may always message your Coaches directly, however, we will always prioritize Pro Athletes whenever responding to direct messages.

We look forward to further community involvement with you!

Join Slack Here


Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, JAN 4TH
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