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Biceps Win Races w/ Hunter McIntyre: Complete Strength for Endurance Athletes
Taylor McClenny  |  11/22/2017

Introducing “Biceps Win Races” w/ Hunter McIntyre

Welcome to Biceps Win Races (“BWR”).  BWR is a 3 month, strength-focused training program designed by The Sheriff, Hunter McIntyre.

We’ve put together this News Article to ensure New Athletes have everything needed to maximize their training success. We’ll cover all of the basics of BWR training and using LeaderBoard.

What Should I Expect as a BWR Athlete?

BWR is designed to raise your overall Power output regardless of your sport-specific needs. This is as true for your Power output in endurance events as it is for the lifts we will do each week. If you follow this program properly, you will be stronger every single week. In fact, we will increase the prescribed weight of your major lifts each week. The prescribed running work is designed to raise the Aerobic Capacity (“AC”) of the beginner to intermediate athlete and sustain or slightly build the AC of the advanced athlete.

Getting Started

  • WODs - Each day your WOD will appear on your WOD Board ( Previous WODs and Achievements will be organized below today’s WOD.

  • Navigation - Click the three horizontal bars in the top right to open your navigation panel. Here you will see your current and upcoming “WODS” as well as your previous WODs. Additional pages of the navigation panel include “NEWS” (where you are now) and your “PROFILE”.

  • Use WOD Discussion for Q & A - If ever you have a question, would like to provide feedback, or just want to share an update or thought with your fellow Athletes, post on the WOD Discussion. Hunter uses the WOD Discussion to post his WOD thoughts, debriefs and tips. Your LB Coaches will closely monitor WOD Discussions addressing any Athlete needs.

  • Testing & Rx - Throughout your training we will periodically test an array of Benchmark WODs. Our Benchmark WODs are designed to consistently test and retest your progress while continuing to push your training. Every result that you input on major lifts, Benchmark WODs, and daily programming will improve your training experience and prescription. The more WODs you complete and input results for, the better your training will become.

  • Achievements - Many of your WODs and movements will generate “Achievements” - consistent statements of your work output and progress throughout your training. Achievements are tracked like PRs and heavily govern your weight and rep prescription.

Weekly Schedule + Equipment Needs

  • 4 Strength Days - M, T, Th, F (Powerlifting, Strongman, OCR)

  • 2 Aerobic Capacity Days - W, Sa

  • 1 Recovery Day - Su

  • Equipment Needs:  Barbell, Rack, Bench, Pullup Bar, Box (24”), Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Sandbag/Stone, Bike, & Rower

Meet the LB Coaching Team

Over the past 1.5 years the LeaderBoard Team has been building a training platform and program that provides professional training to the beginner to advanced OCR and endurance Athlete. This starts with tried and true endurance and strength programming developed by some of the best coaches and minds that the OCR world has to offer. We’ve poured this expertise into our constantly improving software platform enabling us to track Athlete’s performance, goals, needs, results, and an array of testing.

  • Taylor McClenny, Team Leader - Taylor oversees all Athlete results, posts, and training needs. Taylor closely monitors WOD Discussions ensuring Athlete needs are properly attended to.

  • Brakken Kraker, LeaderBoard Head Coach - Brakken oversees all Athlete programming, results, and training needs.

  • Hunter McIntyre, OCR Legend & BWR Creator - BWR is Hunter’s personal training program. Hunter will complete many of the WODs along with you as well as provide his feedback, tips, and training guidance.

  • Zac Allen, LeaderBoard Assistant Coach - Zac ensures that every Athlete has the information and training prescription needed to optimize their daily training and performance.

  • Lindsey Watts, Software Developer - Lindsey, “Lindz”, works everyday to improve each Athlete's and Coach’s ability to train and communicate effectively for the best possible health, fitness, and performance gains.

Letter from Hunter


The BWR training program is the culmination of a decade of training trial and error that has brought me to this point in my career. Early on I learned that strength was a huge part of life as an athlete, every sport had some barrier of entry involving strength. Our goal is to train all athletes to be stronger than every course they toe the line at. Through lifting, conditioning and sport specific test WODs we will elevate all results in the gym which will lead to personal bests in the field.


During this program you will notice a heavy focus on strength, starting with barbells we will eventually transition into Strongman and sport specific training. In the beginning phases of the program, the goal is to establish as much raw strength as possible so that when it comes time to perform your body has all the horsepower it needs to tackle any obstacle in front of you. There will be 3 major lifts per session. This will provide the right amount of volume so that we will see consistent growth amongst all lifts. After the three major lifts there will be auxiliary work to tackle any imbalances in the athletic chain.


Ideally this program would be enough for 95% of athletes who are training for the majority of races in the OCR season. There are specific races such as Ultra Beast, Toughest and 24-hour events that may need slightly more volume, however, I have raced all of these distances on the same training found in this program. If you choose to add more volume, always add extra miles to the long run day or an extra run on one of your recovery days. The goal is to get tons of rest on recovery days then hammer the days we’re meant to work hard on.


Just like extra running, extra lifting isn’t the goal for any athlete. We want each athlete to put everything they have into the workouts prescribed. If you really push yourself then these workouts will have you hobbling around for a few hours afterwards. If you would like to add extra work make sure that it is all completed in the one hour time limit you have for lifting that day, anything past this will lead to decrease in power output.


If this is the case pick one lift day, one calisthenics day, the long run and speed day. Try your hardest to stick to the exact plan, however, this four day split will still provide strong results if trained well.


This program is relatively basic in its knowledge necessary. The best way to get started is by spending time on YouTube every day researching each movement before you go to the gym. This is exactly how I learned. Another great place to learn is by attending a few Crossfit classes.


All movements in this program can be scaled. The goal is to stay as close to the movement and weight prescribed. Don’t pick another movement because you don’t like what is placed in the program. This is key for best results.


This is a loaded question, but I will give you the easiest way to understand it. Your body is the car, the road is recovery. You can have the fastest car in the world but without a road you’re never going to go anywhere, especially if you want to hit that 200 mph mark. Basically, you will sit in the mud, spinning tires all day without a good road to take you anywhere. Recovery is necessary for your body to grow and move forward. I spend most of my days on the couch after a hard training session. I also sleep 9 hours a night and nap an hour each day. I take it even further by measuring my food and body weight every day. This list can go on and on but the answer is simple, take your recovery days seriously to see big results.


This BWR Power block is just the first installment in our BWR programming. As we approach the beginning of the OCR season we will release additional training blocks that focus Aerobic Capacity, Hill Climbing, & Speed. The current strength training block is essential to performing your best in the coming training blocks and endurance season.


Im very excited about this! I belong to a crossfit gym so this is perfect for me.
Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, NOV 23RD
Heck yes! I’m as excited as you! I’ll be doing the WODs with you. Let’s do this!!
David Long FRIDAY, NOV 24TH
Do I need to sign up as a pro member to access the workouts?
Jeff Rubenstein SATURDAY, NOV 24TH
I see that this post is from just over a year ago. Is this part of the program still in effect? Thanks in advance.
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