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LeaderBoard Paths: Improved Training, Results, WOD Discussions, & Achievements
Taylor McClenny  |  11/22/2017

Introducing Paths

"LeaderBoard Paths" are 2 to 3 month training programs built to further improve training in the context of the Athlete.  Workout progression, testing, deloading, and Specialization WODs (Spec WODs) are all optimized to provide the best possible performance gains for an individual Athlete.

Paths will be available to LeaderBoard Pro and Standard Athletes.  LB Standard Athletes will experience all of the following.  LB Pro Athletes may work with their Coaches to further customize their Path to perfectly fit their training needs.

We’ve been testing 4 or 5 Paths for the past 12 weeks and believe that Paths, and their accompanying updates, will improve every Athlete’s performance.

New Paths will be released throughout the 2018 OCR season.  We will begin in early December with an offseason, Power focused Path - “Biceps Win Races” (“BWR”).  The strength programming and WODs have been developed by The Sheriff himself, Hunter McIntyre.  As the new year begins, additional Paths will be released focusing Climbing, Speed, Aerobic Capacity, Downhills, & OCR Transitions.

Although New Athlete space is limited for BWR to ensure the highest quality training experience, current LB Athletes have first dibs on joining.  If you’d like to join BWR at any time, please let your Coaches know.

See more about BWR here.

What's New w/ Paths?

  • Begin Any Time - Once a Path is available, an Athlete may start a Path at any time, rather than just after Benchmark testing.  The necessary testing will be included before, during, and following the Path.

  • WOD Results - All WODs will retain your WOD Results as well as previous Results from your fellow Athletes.  Each time a WOD reappears you’ll see your previous results.

  • WOD Discussions - Each WOD now has an accompanying WOD DiscussionBoard.  WOD Discussions will be used for Coaches to share WOD specific information as well as for Athletes to ask WOD specific questions and share WOD info with their fellow Athletes.  As with WOD Results, WOD Discussions will stay with each WOD, indefinitely.

  • More Frequent, More Appropriate Testing - Paths will have Path-specific testing to ensure the Athlete and Coaches have the proper feedback on their training context.

  • Achievements - Many of your WODs and movements will generate “Achievements” - consistent statements of your work output and progress throughout your training. Achievements are tracked like PRs and heavily govern your personalization metrics.

  • Progression Dependent - Paths have been created with a very specific progression built to optimize an Athlete’s performance over the full course of the Path.  Therefore, we very strongly advise not switching mid-Path.

The above features will not just be Path-specific.  WOD Discussions, Achievements, and WODs retaining all WOD Results will appear on all WODs over the next many weeks.

If you have questions or comments regarding Paths, WOD Discussions, Achievements, WOD Results, or Testing please comment below.


Colleen Lill WEDNESDAY, NOV 22ND
This looks awesome! I can't wait to see it all in action!
Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, NOV 23RD
Heck yes! :)
If I choose BWR will I still be running? I gotta get lots better at the running game.
Nono Guimbi THURSDAY, NOV 23RD
Same question for me!
Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, NOV 23RD
We’ll have 2 days of running, per week, in BWR.
Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, NOV 23RD
Just enough to slowly build - You’ll have time to add Aerobic Capacity after this Dec-Feb training block. We’ll monitor your AC numbers to ensure you are moving in the right direction! :)
Brandon Parrish WEDNESDAY, JAN 3RD
Is there a BWR d's Facebook group?
Taylor McClenny THURSDAY, JAN 4TH
Hey Brandon! We are making an announcement regarding team communication today! :D
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