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LB News, Navigation, & Future Updates
Taylor McClenny  |  09/08/2017

Welcome to LeaderBoard News!

Today we begin launching a series of updates aimed at further strengthening the Athlete-Coach (Athlete-to-Coach) and Athlete-Athlete (Athlete-to-Athlete) experience.


We're kicking off these update with LB News - a space to share developments in our programming, Athlete experience, research & findings, various articles, and general site updates.

Keep up-to-date with the latest LB News, discuss with your Team and Coaches via Commenting, and show your support with a strong-like. Post your comments publicly - to everyone, or privately - just to your LB Coaches. We'll let you know when your fellow Teammates and Coaches reply to your thoughts and questions.

Navigation & Notifications

From WODs to News, we're making sure you never miss out.

  • WODS - View upcoming and recent WODs, see WOD Type, Needs (Equipment & Location), any SpecWODs or Supplemental work, and visit in 1 click.
  • News - See the latest LB News, "See All News" Articles & Updates, get notified of recent activity, and visit in 1 click.
  • Profile - View your Athlete Profile, manage your subscription, and Logout. Coming Soon: Athlete Profile Overhaul & Athlete Search
  • Notifications - Stay up-to-date with News Article releases and discussion. Coming Soon: WOD & Programming Notifications

Miscellaneous Updates

We're hard at work on this series of major updates. Along the way we're improving everything we do and the training & personalization you receive.

  • Variant WODs - Many LB WODs now have "Variant WODs". Variant WODs maintain the purpose of the WOD while allowing you flexibility based on your equipment, location, race prep, and recovery needs.
  • Supplemental WOD Categories - From SpecWODs to Mobility to personalized supplemental work - plain and simple, keep your WODs straight.
  • UX/UI Update - New design elements, typeface, coloring, and spacing for improved content clarity.
  • Team Gear & Discounts - Check out "LB Team Gear, Discounts, & Resources" - Team Jerseys, Headbands, & Discounts.

Upcoming Updates

What's up next? Better Athlete-Coach tools & feedback, Athlete-Athlete features, further WOD & programming development, and LB News Article series.

  • Athlete DashBoard - We're improving the Athlete-Coach command center to better organize and improve your training, calendar, race prep, recovery, and more. These tools are largely Coach-facing, but will provide noticable improvements in your training experience and performance gains.
  • Athlete Profile - Your training command center - Post updates and feedback to your Coaches and Team, discuss your training focus(es), manage upcoming races, review & debrief your races with your Coaches and Team, and troubleshoot weaknesses & implement planning with your Coaches.
  • WOD Updates - Improved WOD/Programming experience - ask questions, provide feedback, share experiences, and track better.

We're really excited to kick off this series of LeaderBoard updates and further improve your training, performance, and experience. Please use the comments below to let us know what you think, ask questions, and hear from your Teammates and Coaches.


Taylor McClenny FRIDAY, SEP 8TH
We welcome your comments and questions. Open a new comment thread below. Post public or privately - private threads are only viewable by your LB Coaches. You'll receive a notification of any reply from your Teammates or Coaches.
Taylor McClenny FRIDAY, SEP 8TH
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Abdulmohsen Bakhashwain FRIDAY, SEP 8TH
This is just great. Keeps getting better. (For the sake of commenting lol)
Taylor McClenny SATURDAY, SEP 9TH
Thanks Abdul! ????
Taylor McClenny SATURDAY, SEP 9TH
Oh no! Those "????" Are supposed to be emojis. How embarrassing.. #comingsoon
Haha, best opening comments chain ever!
Brandy Williams TUESDAY, SEP 12TH
Very cool!
Taylor McClenny TUESDAY, SEP 12TH
Thanks, Brandy!
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