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Training customized to your season, schedule, and needs. Choose your training, complete your Athlete Profile - select your races, their priority, and what drives you to train and perform. Receive interactive training, record results, chat w/ LB Coaches & Community, and receive training updates based on your personal biological response.
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Taylor McClenny

LB Founder & Head Coach  💪🤓
Taylor loves training. He loves science. Combining the two is his greatest passion. Taylor founded LeaderBoard to foster a friendly, scientific, feedback driven approach to training. He loves the challenge of combining all major aspects of fitness (Strength, Endurance, Speed, & Skill) into a single ongoing training protocol - One uniquely suited for OCR. With a background in Physics, Biochemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and various training modalities (Cross Country, Wrestling, MMA, Strength Training, & more) Taylor created our uniquely effective training protocols.
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